Messages from God

I asked God and my higher self a few general questions about the state of the planet and about my personal life. For me, it was like saying my prayers, or meditating, and receiving immediate answers. I do not believe anyone must wait for answers, or signs. Some of the questions were offered by my wife Lisa. I allowed myself to receive the answers by writing what came into my head through my heart. Consider that, since I am the vessel, and these answers were somewhat directed by me, they contain my best attempts at translating into English, using my own grasp of the language, what came through to me. The mechanics of this type of communication, best described for me, come in the forms of visions in my mind’s eye, of certain thoughts, and of feelings. My hope is that the answers help you in whatever you’re going through right now.

Q. Snopes and other social media?
A. Many are seeking answers, with few answers given. You know the experiment where a person enters a classroom, briefly, mere seconds, then exits uttering one or two words. About a minute goes by for people to process what just happened, and then they are asked to give a brief description of what the person was wearing, their manner, and what might have been said. You fill in the gaps. That is how you want to manage every bit of new information about the sickness spreading. You fill in the gaps out of panic. Two points on the matter. 1. You are manifesting this reality (your projection of matters) and 2. A group consciousness has been driving the narrative. The catalyst is emotion, whether positive or negative.
The V may not be horrendously or tragically dangerous, but thoughts about it roused by emotion, can be sharp and chaotic, and thus people around the world welcome to their own reactions take full advantage (free will). That is the higher order’s endeavor (you have not fully taken back your independence and rights to express self as self on equal footing with all beings). Opposition has thrown you off balance, and it seems to be doing a pretty good job of it, if they have you bickering over minor matters.
As for the fear itself: Are you afraid of the so-called deep state, answers being kept from you to help you make sense of this, or are you afraid of the V or what it might cause, or the V resulting in your illness and death? And therefore, what of death? Or, is it some combination of all of the above, and the complications from it may ensue, in other words, a disrupted schedule, being kept from close friends and relatives, what will result with our finances and our “own” government, and further distrust of “our” government, whatever shape or form you would have it?
As for Snopes or other fact-checking sources, you might ask yourself one simple question: Were you there at ground zero when the V became known, or know of someone who was there, knowing trust comes into play when it comes to second sources? Furthermore, ask this question: Was the V man-made? Of course. Anything within your existence here on Earth is the product of you. If Earth herself doesn’t claim it, who does? This is where your different thoughts stand in conflict, ranging from debate to deaths.
Now to truth. This involves your heart, therefore love. If words do not come from the heart, then they likely fall short. What can you say, except I don’t know?

Q. Is this latest event related to the ascent or rise up into the next levels, evolution of human kind?
A. You are in human form and therefore human, or drawing reference from human beings. Obviously, your compass is pointed in the right direction. What then would you have of worry? Do you have such feelings when taking the time to do anything? Wash dishes perhaps or feed the horses? Whatever you choose to do in life must right your ship. Or, if you feel slowed by moments of deep contemplation, would you feel less than you do now? For that doesn’t stand to reason. In other words, you have accomplished “giving” feats in the past few (recent) days. Did you feel obligated, or did it become something more?
Yes! In a number of ways, you are rising up, for that is ascent. Is your question, more along the lines of, will anything bad happen. No. 1, nothing bad or good happens. You assign this meaning, in the world of duality. For someone, refusing to accept new paradigms, new ways, new everything, a person may go into shock. This is like the kid who deep down knows there may be danger in learning to ride a bike. Yes, falling off might hurt. Keep that thought handy. Fall off. There are degrees of hurt (keep building obstacles). Now, what if you did not fall off at all. Though a possibility, somewhere along the lines you decided against falling. You decided fear wasn’t in your playbook, as you balanced the bike and began to pedal, and realized the momentum of the bicycle sitting perfectly on two moving wheels was not going sideways, as long as the confidence in you continued to build.
Taking the next steps in the ascent may be simple. Depends on the bags of crap you might be carrying up the staircase. It would be wise of you to set it down. Are you starting to understand these metaphors more? You propped yourself on all that you know including from previous lives. Yet, the mind starts out not receiving all the code to populate applications which would give you a better knowledge and understanding of the world in which you live. Not enough people in the world wanted to learn these mysteries. The V is forcing shifts in your consciousness. You’ll began to see glitches in the matrix.
Yet, 99 percent of the battle might be just being aware. Greater strides can be taken. Sniffing out the truth becomes easier, and more satisfying. What if the answers you got now were dissatisfying? Can you send them back? Then, why even ask questions, like what’s the weather? Will you feel differently about grey clouds versus sunlight if you knew that you’d always feel good, and that equal beauty shows up on both days. Certainly, you’ll want to know how to dress. What is key, control emotion on stormy or calm days, both inside and out. God gives all reason for happiness, including hard work. This furthers you in your other bodies where you are all members of a family, thus the impact of you, your existence, impacts the world(s) in big or little ways, all across the board. Nothing says you can’t use the lessons of this life for others, therefore, your explanations to improve consciousness and awareness (awakening) help the effort. Do, by all means, when speaking with other people, spell it out for them, if you can.

Q. Who of the people we follow on (MEDIA) are the clearest signal for the light? What are their names? And, who should we discontinue watching, in terms of misinformation.
A. The names will appear in your head, and we hope this doesn’t rattle your cage, if some of them you expected to be clear about their messages. We also cannot direct you to do anything? Should you do anything? We can advise. If that is what you like. In so advising, we say, follow your heart.
At each threshold, you draw closer to your higher self. If you want proof, you are like the scientists whose basis for thinking is dogmatic, though the floating melting spoon in front of them is indeed floating and melting, per the consensus, then is it the scientist who demands too much and you who demand too little of proof or evidence, or both. If a man says he can fly, then he can, he just does not differentiate astral body from physical body. By those terms, all are capable of anything, yet they (people) sit in denial.
When you see the names before you (A good method is to use divination, a pendulum in the purist of settings) decide the weight of what they say. Does what they say improve matters? We will leave it at that. (Pronouns mean little when referring to the mass consciousness (God) and His/Her Infinite Wisdom! By the words of the Bible, you are your Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper. If you do not keep them well, your life is the same value, remember, as all beings are kept as equal. Then another’s words hold no sway. There are those who disobeyed God’s decree, and their repeated offenses will be dealt with on the Day of Judgement. This day is coming soon. What imbalances you have on your ledger, make them right. Seek Divine Mercy. Your unfinished business will carry with you to the next world.

Q. How will we be affected by 5G technology?
A. It is up to you to focus your energy. As you say from jokes in your younger days, if someone tells you to jump off a bridge, will you do it? Delve further. Why, if you did, would be your motivation? To please other people? To make a spectacle? What if you didn’t jump off the bridge? What if you said no? Take back your power. Even sheep have their own way to go. Follow them. You’ll see. They are quite insulted by the analogy, as are other creatures whom you have demeaned, not by your words, but by your view of them.
Your 5G will be nullified by the frequencies rising in all of you. One scenario: Your adaptability and resiliency absorb radiation and transmutes it, when you are in a place of love. Whereby why do you not believe anything is possible when God said it. All things ARE possible! You must have faith! A narrow view does not serve you. You now have the ability to see past your own nose, that is to say, get over yourself. You absorbed the sun’s radiation through its evolution, Gaia’s changes in electromagnetic fields, DNA activation… Could you not transmute what have been determined harmful rays? We believe you can, and when your collective backs are against the wall, will.
This becomes a broken record, as you say, just as your guide remarked, he tires or reminding you of what you already know. That is why purify, purify, purify, should become your mantra. There is too much clutter in the attic. Think of your mind as a dirty car filter. At some point, you should change it. Remove it, shake it out. Let the refuse fall to the ground where Mother Earth can recycle it for you. The method you ask, as if basic mechanics training did not teach you, was taught in the early days of your making. Meditation. Then you became enamored with false pursuits—namely money, as if collecting more marbles than your neighbor placed you above him. These are agreements. Contract upon contract followed. There is a limit to which sovereign beings can be put down, disallowed to act upon a greater good. The bill has come due. Karma by these false masters must be paid, whereby they will be taken from this planet to learn this greater lesson, and no longer will they harm the collective, and no longer will they abridge objectives, what it means to be human. You would all be much further along in some ways if you had not played their game.
With several course corrections, as God sees fit, you will know love beyond your wildest imagination. Yes. The 5G is a fragment of the dark night of your world. How you as individuals and a collective act in a time of crisis will move you out of stagnant waters—above the bread and circus. False rewards, for what did you really achieve except to surround yourself with creature comforts. You gained weight calling it contentedness. In what ways would you lay waste to a temple, and call it good? You were fooled into destruction, and following false gods (the professional sports ranks and entertainers) you have so glorified and idolized to what end? They do not share their rewards with you, nor did they have any intention of doing so. You love them not because you do not know them, nor they you. If you asked them, like your neighbors, for help, would they come to your aid? No. Not all of you. Their contributions to the community, if not from the heart, mean nothing. Cold offerings, promote the lack of faith, like saying prayers over a frozen bird. Be grateful for the day’s meal as the Lord’s Prayer professes. You grow from it. Be loving, and be defended from the chaos in which you lose yourself.
The 5G is the iceberg of your Titanic. Your hubris. You can see the large block of ice off the starboard deck. Your captain gives it his due attention. You can all wallow in helplessness, or steer the ship onto a new course. Why steer into certain death in the first place? Then, as a result, because some will die (be you afraid of death?), will you be sorrowful for those who have passed, remembering they chose to travel this path and were well aware of the risks, or will you celebrate life, which therefore can be framed in graciousness, and that we can learn a greater compassion from the pains we have felt?
If you make it onto a life raft, you will remember this day, and in the days to come, you may pass along this story, injected into the lifeblood of your mass consciousness, then future generations eventually will forget, as the ascent, changes not its pattern, for there are lessons, which if not applied, will appear later as much harder. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is as much for the individual as it is for the collective. You will help each other, or not. Remember, the more of you that band together, the greater the love, the greater the reward, a perhaps speedier and richer ascent. Therefore, the grand experiment called humanity will have a wider impact. You as human beings will surpass even your own expectations. That is all we have to say for now on this subject.

Q. Can you give us a nuts and bolts explanation of our third eye?
A. Think hard to a time when your sight encompassed realms perceived by the energy centers throughout your body. Think of nerves extending to these centers (chakras), then of greater awareness. If each of these centers had an up-periscope from beneath the layers you consider skin and bone, and electromagnetic layers, what you consider, if you consider it, inside of you, what do you think you would see? Your third-eye vision is being used now to perceive or feel the energy in the form of communication in what you call this communication event. Like your physical eyes, left and right, they work together to perceive billions of codes, small and large strings, which make up your consensus construct—your 3D world, not unlike the fanciful film the Matrix. There are variants of truth in all your mass media. Some innocently consider some of the messaging to be too much. Others of you, who you refer to as “low registers,” live in denial. They will not try to connect to the world, they feel they cannot see, through imagination or like means.
Your controllers have worked hard to say that anything from your imagination is false or fictitious, and convinced most of you. Your third eye also uses magic, the process of alchemy, to layer perception of a world that exists in the UN CODED, no real physical laws, which is truly the ether. Alchemically, in the astral, the ether, the life after death, the shapes through your third eye can appear fantastical. There is evidence of this. There are the various colors of your aura. Telepathy. Reading of objects, psychometry. Movement of objects with this energy (bending spoons is popular and documented). Natural laws apply to some degree. Know that all which you have held in your view, as a part of this Earth, is living. It is in fact a part of you, and if you have perceived of it, where some interaction has played out, you have bonded. It has become recorded history. In fact, all of your names are written in God’s book of scriptures. Some connection has been made that cannot be erased or reversed or morphed. Therefore, the use of your third eye is sometimes referred to as your psychic eye. And it is called an eye because you, at times, perceive messages as pictures/visions/symbols.
How would you refer to it if not by sight? Your chakras, especially your heart center, connect to it, and messages sent to you can be felt. The warmth in your heart center is not per se physical, although it can feel that way, like literal heartburn, (laughter) or light pressure. Sorry, Tums will not cure it. From these centers, your awareness grows, making you a more complete antennae, or receptor. Obviously, you are open to receiving messages, like this one.
You need to unfold your antennae or satellite, or replace them with new (use your imagination as a tool), to decalcify. It is no mistake that the process of awakening is used as the metaphor, for what happens when you first awake from physical sleep, and especially if you have been dreaming. Who is to say that you are not in a dream now?
Through your other centers, crown, throat, solar plexus and root, and of course heart, in concert with the third eye, can give you a more complete message. We would say, a picture, but that goes without saying. You decide what that snapshot should be based on the message and its form, and how that is relative to you, whether a marker for you to note in your flow, like floating down a river, and seeing a group of people. Your projection calls for it. Don’t discount them as passerby, but perhaps question why you have seen a random group of people along the shoreline. If the sighting was random, then why note them? You get the gist. It is your projection. The results or conclusions are drawn from thousands of puzzle pieces within an instant. The more practice you have with your third eye, the more that sight compliments your 3D (two-eyed) vision. You gave too much power away to your physical vision, when the portals were only meant to give you orientation and equilibrium, and that physical sight doesn’t always compliment the spiritual sight.
When you saw your grandfather in his light body, you used your sight in its entirety, though you were young, and the programming of ghosts had not been hammered into your innocent head. So, what you had seen, perception-wise, through your third eye, filled the gaps. In other words, what information you took in through your third eye, informed your physical sight (all the coding necessary to see personages and actions in another dimension. In the ether, there are many. It would not be right to describe what the ether might contain since it is boundless and formless except for what you might put there with your action and intention. So, for whatever serves the greatest cause. This is a topic for another time).
When you deny this possibility, in other words, throw up blocks in your mind (that darned filter of yours), the ghost-like image flits away, and you register the experience as little more than an anomaly, as better forgotten because people will think you’re crazy. You obviously do not think that way now. Once you start tearing away some of the dominant programming from your mind (the filter), you will begin to see beings in/on other dimensions, for they have always and already existed. They have made use of their awareness, their third eye, if you will, therefore are able to see you, to perceive your presence, while most of you have lived in cocoons of fear, and banished and killed those with sight; you saw them as magicians, the warlocks, the witches, the wizards, the shaman, the medicine man or medicine woman, and others…
We, as in we beings in all of creation, have the gift of sight, the use of the third eye, which at one time was an actually part of the anatomy, some perceived as the actual physical construct, others the mere marking or imprint. In some cultures, the location is actually marked by a dot, or an ashen cross during lent. In other words, the act of marking, says/instructs you to open this center, to receive God and the little frequent reminder that He LOVES you. He has equipped you with everything to move forward with your experiences, therefore your lessons. Anyone should be honored to live as human being, a child of God. This is perhaps where those sleeping might start, and some often do, not knowing the total meaning in the beginning.
Remembering is part of the process. Waking up. Now think of the ways that it happens. Someone shakes you while you are sleeping. This can be traumatic, which can be in the form of near-death experiences, or moments of clarity, epiphany, the notice of tingling where in the presence and true connection of your Angels, or someone close to you who wants to help you find your own way… There are many ways to reach these other dimensions of which the third eye is key in receiving the information. For some, they must wait. The shock of it, too overwhelming. This does not mean you can move ahead. A number of awakened must tip the scale in favor of moving forward for the whole of Earth. This may take an earth-shaking event. God has put his hand upon Earth’s shoulder in the form of a troop of Ascended Masters, Light workers from all of heaven’s (the stars) reaches, all forms of alchemical energy, the Angels of ranks, and He has begun shaking you, the people of Earth.

Q. What are the practical actions people can take to be prepared for the coming days?
A. In practical, or other action, feel LOVE, be in LOVE, simply LOVE. Where there is love, there can be no fear. Take this question, do you feel as though you haven’t properly prepared to enter into any arena, from the deepest, darkest caves to the widest fields of wild flowers? Wherever you enter, there is light. Where there is light, love. Where there is love, God. There is a difference from sensing something is not right for your preservation and the unnatural, that hands would emerge from underneath your bed to grab you by the ankles and drag you to some fantastical underworld to eat you and steal your soul. Isn’t that the tale you were told, if you didn’t behave or obey, then there would be hell to pay? Not to forget the hell you were already living. Sensing danger is one thing. While the other ideas were planted simply as a means of control. Your parents, generations bought into this program. If you were preoccupied with unnatural fear, it diminished the times LOVE could be in its place; unnatural fear attached a collar to you and was tested in all things by unnamed sources who wished to keep you there while they carried out their self-serving agendas. In some recent disclosures, these forces are named. We do not endorse their existence, but respect it, for all creation is of God for God’s purposes. What He has created, only He can take away.
It is time that you take the responsibility to remove elements of unnatural fear from your life. You have every right to live in PEACE. This is not to say all struggles will be removed from your life. However, it is to say that your choices have been naturally widened, or as they should have been all along since this time on Earth. The amplification of unnatural fear in your life kept you down. No longer. There is opportunity to forward ideas, to be less obsessed with being critical of each other about any part of your timeline—that is the past, present and future, each affected by the other. Hurts from this current or present life, further define the lives and events in which similar hurts or injuries occurred, intentional or unintentional, and therefore may present obstacles for you to increase bonds with your higher self in the sense you will connect further with your higher self (subsequently higher selves), for improved guidance and for greater connections with others. Hence, this is why it is important to clear away whatever does not serve you, as Yogis are so fond of saying during their practice.
This echo effect has the means and power to rectify, soften matters of old, etc. To illustrate, see a wrinkled pair of pants on your ironing board. The small wrinkles on the cuff or hem (your past) may not allow the pants to hang correctly, which gives a crooked appearance to your lower robes. In a practical sense, the smallest most forgettable wrinkles in your life may have a larger effect than you think. Examine the whole of your pants (life), then decide if spraying water (purification) and heat (the excitement of the cells to encourage healing) gives well pressed clothing the desired effect, in other words, how you may appear in company, and produces as the Army says to Frank, an esprit de corps (feeling good because you look good, and ready to face the world). The use of esprit is intentional, the embodiment of spirit, which in the military unifies, and makes less separate the needs and wants of individuals.
What wrinkles exist in your spirit? Decide and take the iron to them. To continue this line of practicality, the idea of clearing relates to Chi, the flow of all things, to reduce obstacles along your path. You can choose to carry burdens, or not. Also, reconcile your belief systems with change. Again, we hearken back to your work with fear. First, decide whether it is unnatural fear.
You must find relief. Let warm tears fall. Then there is trust with respect to authority. Keep in mind rules can be bent to suit any tyrannist. Millions of families suffered from base instincts, dysfunction, drawn from primitive and base species who were hell-bent on injecting their doctrine into that of purist humanity. To them, fear needed to be ramped up. In their line of work, two choices existed: DO or DIE. Triumph or suffer.
In contrast, your job continues to be, to LOVE, work LOVE into to all the nooks in crannies of your lives. Offer hugs. Join hands. Make eye contact (acknowledgement of another human being is a lively force and we highly encourage such connections). Do your best to ignore irrelevant spats, and offer apologies, make amends, when debates devolve, causing splinters or breaks in your root systems, trunks and branches. Remember the leaves (your livelihood) hang on the ends of these tentacles reaching for the heavens, but do not fear when a branch struck by lightning hangs to the ground, there to mix with Mother Earth, to provide sustenance to the saplings yet to emerge. Know to your core that these are natural processes.
Put down the aspects of self-serving measures. They do you no favor. They have always bred distrust and fear, which leads to anger, and you know the rest, and which leads to at worst tragic endings, bloody, gory, unnatural death. Lately, we have seen your efforts to drop more life boats during the tempest. Learning about the small spaces of your hearts from (ascended masters), as you gather tools: orange vests, paddles, and first-aid kits. Let them be more through your imagination. Could you then arm them with angels’ wings?
Seek the same heights in spirituality. Pray for them. Soothe their distress. These throes are nothing new, if they, all of humanity, would only choose to remember.
We believe you are on the right track, going the right directions, which begins with setting intentions. Stand firm. BELIEVE. Mighty forces have come to your aid, and they will continue to do so. God is with you.

Q. What can you tell us about our future? Where is human kind headed?
A. We all feel as though these were difficult questions to ask, and you doubted any answers because you feel like what you have already learned might get in the way. Only if you have settled on the information, can it be this way. Let us say, there is nothing secret when it comes to God, and your beliefs. He will keep nothing from you, though you might think otherwise. Truth permeates all. You of all people should know this, again, hearkening to your childhood; we told you lies would be unearthed, and traditionally it did happen this way. Did you not feel like throwing up every time you told a lie? We remember. Yet, you told yourself to lie (You told us to butt out), even if you were bad at it because, that is how your peers faced life. To some, it was cool and they told you it was harmless. Your face and a true heart cannot help you to deceive other people. Yours was an honest face. It is, as you say, not in your DNA to lie.
So, where would we start with this answer for it is not simple. We believe that is why it is a difficult question to pose. You have had some dreams of these possibilities. First, you often wonder what can be changed, if anything. You are right about certain events being part of God’s design. Certain events must happen, but not always one way. Second, no one likes to feel as though they will suffer. Yet, this uncomfortable feeling, as you well know, cracks the egg.
We will do our best to describe events, knowing that your choices will alter them. The major dots you described on your timeline are indeed likely. That is to say, all that is said, and all that is done, remains in a state of flux. What information has been withheld from the mass consciousness? Not a matter with which to worry.
In order to achieve enlightenment, the purest connection with God, as you have on an individual basis by true mastery, the same must be played out on a grand scale, collectively. Your choices dictate if a war there may be, bloodletting. Struggle, yes, may come in the form of civil unrest. Have you not seen that in your construct with the mass shootings at public venues, so tragically at schools, the many wars in however you described conflict, differences, domestic offenses and injuries…? Did you not realize your response to these events was the measure of what is to come in a KARMIC sense? Your greed is another. Deadly sins matter. Pick any of them, and weigh the results. You are accomplices to a cruel system.
Intervention has played out on several levels, not just physically. Your angels, or guides, as you call them, have whispered in your ears on multiple occasion, while you debated with them on whether to believe them, or not. They have no reason to deceive you, especially not here, and especially not now. You walked the path on your own, without a word from your guides, because you needed to see the lighted path from afar, to, in a sense, prove that it existed. Human kind as a whole must do the same.
How do the low registers know this, until what they have had, goes missing? They prize intellect, yet they do not know what they speak of, and so, in a world of chaos, they do not have answers, and when confronted with their ignorance, they only throw up their hands in the air, choosing not to get involved in anything outside of old paradigms, old routines. They now discover their offices, homes away from homes, after all of this time, provided little to no satisfaction. They were unhappy. What they have discovered is that making money, their illustrious golden calf, cannot offer them comfort/protection from perceived threats. These are step-by-step measures to some answers. True riches come via LOVE. The meek shall inherit the planet, for they have suffered most, knowing the essence of what it is to be incarnate, a greater substance than those who have found pleasure all of their lives.
Your future will unfold as their discoveries unfold. As the ascended masters have spoken, certain emissaries conveniently placed, heavenly messages bombarding your earth, the truth cannot go unheeded. More weight is being added to the scales. Truly, God will judge the living and the dead. He will not hold you in penalty, if ye are not a liar to yourself, but only He can decide where you will go, and what you must learn. This will affect how you see yourself.
If you have gone inside, where there is true matter, what Christians tout as being saved, and you have done the work, then continue to be this rock. If you have given earthly matters their proper place. If you have resided in a good place thus treating others with grace. The sum of your being matters. Then of the sum, it will have brought you to a state in which you continue to float, even fly, toward the ultimate reunion with the light. Or, you might allow the weight of your sins, the bag of shit, to weigh you down, making the stairs to heaven seem insurmountable. Your feet weigh as if lead. Your heart tortured by despair. Your head plagued by the vision of darkness. This display becomes real, what you manifest. God wills it. Be ready! A man’s fear causes him to pull the trigger of a gun. The bullet, it flies toward a perceived enemy. Multiple events, in multiple dimensions, in the versions of you burgeoning to become manifest. In your life, the events move you toward higher self, an aspect of you, doing the heavy lifting, the less corporeal work, of course, because you ALL have always been more than flesh and blood.
Keep seeding the minds of the doubters. Armed with scripture, proverbs, the commandments of all worldly faiths, your discernment cannot disappoint, and must with the cutting of a flaming sword fall upon your enemies, who now flee to the underground into the darkness from whence they came, but if they only had but an ounce of faith, they would see the glimmer of light in their own hearts, thus yours, as a collective. All life then becomes Golden.
Death will come, to many, but it is not what you have been told, neither a permanent end, nor final judgement. You will go where the good Lord tells you to go. That is the unyielding Law. Think of all the choices you have made. And now, what do they make of you? No holy word will tell you unless you request it. Pray upon it. Feel what is alive in your heart, this fountain of LOVE. This will help you decide your future, and from it, the end of the old world, and if HEAVEN is what you desire, ye shall find it. You have lived your life in dark places. There will be a darkness, but it too shall pass, like the days and the years you have perceived, the tales of woe, false thrills. Now, the remnants of it lay on the table, as though a stained covering, the evidence of what you have consumed.
As we said, there will be wars. There will be struggle. Though, Mother Earth passes through this time of manifest, you will be able to polish the artifacts which come from it, the tools of peace which shall quench fiery anger, and appease restless fears. You shall not only know God’s forgiveness, but you shall feel it dripping from your hearts. Then, when you accept your fate, tears of joy stream down your ruddy faces, and you shall no longer wonder. You shall know why. This is the greater discovery upon which you, as a collective, upon this firmament, face. We hope these words bring you ease, and we only wish to comfort you, bring you peace, during these times of great tumult. God shall have His way. And whenever you have doubts, you may always call upon us. We are tireless. We hold eternal hope. We love you!

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