A few words on beliefs and miracles

Great Father ushers past the menace at our greatest need – when we feel cornered, and we feel He is absent, to fool the great deceiver. He is the only one who can. Now! Do you believe? It happens when? At your greatest need. And, when you stop being afraid. That is the key. When you stop being afraid.
I nearly saw His face in His own House, however it was too much to take in. So glorious. Yet, I felt LOVED and PROTECTED. SAFE. Also know that his wraith is not to be underestimated.
These are times of great miracles. It will happen for this way for all who will it (create and co-create or manifest). This way must be of their own choosing, believers, and thus, non-believers alike. You will see the ‘d’ rush past you in pursuit as though you were invisible. You must first see the threat as not real in any circumstance. To them it is hardball; to you, it is a game with stuffed animals. Too much weight was given to the carnal as the absorbing of information (highly prized intelligence versus healthy spirituality). A belief developed that said when the body ended so too did the information, and all progress was erased. It too would die.
The Nebraska Cornhuskers of old trampled their opponent. What a fierce game plan. The opponent’s defense knew what was coming from the deadly Option, yet was powerless to do anything about it, and thus yielded. Nebraska had all the right tools doing all the right things – that’s all it took. Your offense-defense is the same. Nothing can stop you! Seems unfair in the balance of things, but that is the way God built you. God’s way is the only way. You are powerful.
What happens next? If you don’t find this small narrow passageway? You must wait for the next opportunity to redeem yourself. (Research the stories about redemption in the Bible). For those who must wait, the penitent man will suffer. For each greater sin, the hotter the iron brand. Let it not be known that God did not choose this for you. You did. By your free will. Do you feel the hardness of reality? Can you face yourself in the mirror or if you met yourself on the street? Would you like/love yourself? Walk through this moment with utter belief because He loves you so, to be harbored in loving hands, cradled, carried, at rest. Your angst can be softened. Love yourself. Love ALL.
His sustenance will be spread across the floor and table, like it was bushels of wheat. Plentiful and unmistakable. There it is for you. Eat of it. From the hand of your Lord. No further mischief will confound you. In the holy water, you did not drown. Know of your dreams because they know of you. Beware the cloak that you think defines you. There’s a greater power in your thumb. Small wonders. Life carries breath. He exchanged for life, the same life for many. You do not need to understand the fathoms, the depths of being, to navigate this universe. Know, trust, faith, whereby does an animal reject bad grain. The nose knows. (smiles) To live once, that is all it takes to know.

Published by: frankmarquezwritings

I'm a writer, and have been for most of my adult life. Without making this sound like a resume, I wrote creatively in college, dabbling in poetry, short stories and play writing. Later, I became a journalist, public affairs specialist, copy editor and eventually a guy who ran his own newspaper. Now, I'm back to letting my imagination run wild in some new creations including a science-fiction novel. Somehow, I also managed to teach English to high school kids, and roam the battlefields of Afghanistan as a field historian. Field historian may be a misnomer considering all I did was write abstracts summarizing military unit profiles and missions that included hundreds of interviews of troops and contractors in combat. I grew up in a small town called Gering, Nebraska, before escaping to Pomona, California, where I spent my last two years of high school, graduating from Ganesha High School in 1983. I have a Bachelors in English from the University of La Verne (1987), and a Masters in Education from UNLV (2007). In between, I worked for government - the Army and TSA. I served tours in Panama, D.C., and Tokyo, all thanks to a teacher who encouraged me to see the world before I settled down. As hobbies, I run, hike and bicycle long distances. I have also been known to surf and ski. I now live in my hometown after moving back in June 2015. I get to see family on a regular basis, breath fresh air, and not have to ride the D.C. metro or get stuck in traffic. In fact, I ride my bicycle whenever I can. I'm happily married to my wife Lisa, and we watch over a pack of fur babies, our dog Charley, and three cats Spike, Bootsy, and Franky (his shelter name). If you should ever visit me in west Nebraska, be prepared to feast your eyes on paradise.

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