Bifurcation and no man’s land

Multiverse. Two worlds. Two governments. Two realities? Bifurcation. Is it necessary to hold back from making a public announcement for fear those sleeping will freak out if the awakening comes too quickly, and the dark side threatens blowing up cities with dirty bombs if the exposure puts the general public at risk? I say let’s get this out into the open, brace for the pain. There are several people who have appeared in my peripheral, but seem no longer to be pounding the drum for obvious causes. The trail of bread crumbs have tapered off.

As far as I have seen, although there has been a call for leaders to come forward, they have not appeared, at least not in the places that I have looked. Being a retired military guy, I can say for certain that the Inauguration ceremony was not performed to military standard. There were quite a few anomalies pointed out by several astute YouTubers and other Social Media Patriots. I’ll come right out and say it: Joe Biden is now serving in an illegal capacity, which is one side that exists in the mass consciousness or the bifurcation. The other side, I have often referred to as the awakened.

In a short analysis, and what explains the bifurcation: There are a group of people living in fear, and another group not living in fear. Instead, the latter group is moving ahead with eyes wide open. I’ll mention a few films here that might help. Instead of taking them in for entertainment value, I suggest looking at them in detail. The words spoken. The clothes worn. Lapses in the plot. Unexplained or underdeveloped characters. One of the films is “Eyes Wide Shut” directed by Stanley Kubrick. The other is “Pulp Fiction.” The character played by Sam Jackson, Jules Winfield, and his partner Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta, survive a point blank assault of gun shots fired. Winfield remarks they should have been dead, that is, he and his partner, but they survive and he calls it a miracle. In “Eyes Wide Shut,” a man witnesses the DS or Cabalistic stock satisfying the usual appetites and proclivities. We have been offered the chance to walk through doors. If you choose the Tree of Knowledge, beware, what does that bring you? What is there to wonder?

Why does the bifurcation take place? One group of people has a hard time giving up old traditional ways. Change is hard to take, and to define. Holding onto things in the old world, delays and stagnates matters, most importantly, your own individual progress. While we review options on the way forward, these plans are often rejected. Have you ever tried to take a baby blanket from a toddler who believes, even though he/she has loving parents, his world would fall apart without it? These are called attachments, and they are not real.

If you have friends like these, be prepared for a little cognitive dissonance as we move along the path, hopefully together, to a more awakened state. Right now, as some have said, and I agree, we are in No Man’s Land, or the Void. See this as an opportunity to build our authentic Earth, how we would like to live, perhaps how it was intended. We manifest it; we are in charge. I recall living in Boise in the late ’90s, while it was undergoing a population boom. There were a bunch of west coasters who wanted to recreate the town as possibly another Los Angeles or Seattle, as if that model had a lot of success. But in my view, this was the city’s chance to improve on ideas, to learn from the mistakes of those metropolis messes. We have that chance today with the world, to even reject government since we have seen more failures with it than successes. We cannot be afraid to pursue this route.

One thing I learned in my military career was if a despot leader was replaced by a puppet or another despot or dictator, who and what was going to take the place of the despot and failed leader in the so-called vacuum, and government proclaiming new or changed laws for a new and improved way of life for the people? If we are at a crossroads in America, where might that be on the map? Few people talk about what takes place during a revolution, or after a revolution. In the military, I learned it’s often the same, or worse in many cases these days, considering the larger or ‘big picture’ agenda. Be careful what you wish for.

Using this framework and such factors as eugenics, polarization, government parties, Wall Street, social fabric, town halls, normalization of crimes, the frenetic, often confusing reports coming out of main stream television, radio, newspapers, and all stripe of Social Media. Well, if you’re looking for a savior, the second coming of Jesus Christ to pick up the pieces, I am not sure what to tell you except that’s not going to happen. Jesus Christ or Yeshua’s second coming does not have to do with saving you. We had our chances over more than 2,000 years to iron matters. You need to step into your own, step up to the plate, as it were, and manage your own spiritual growth or crisis.

This time, when Jesus Christ visits us, it will be about judgement. Where are you in your development? When I say development, I don’t mean physical or technological advancements, such as inserting a chip into your brain so you have instant access to the Internet. You don’t need it. God has already manufactured the perfect operating system. YOU. I don’t really care if you have 30 college degrees, or an IQ of 180. I’m talking about the book of life which lists your name, compassion, bringing ourselves up together, unity, etc.

With regard to a collective hive mind or a New World Order, that’s also not what I’m talking about. When Jesus Christ came around the first time, he wanted to teach people how to get their shit together. He called it the Way. Let me repeat that, THE WAY. He said the only way to God and to stay in alignment, to stay on the righteous path was through him, through his teachings. He gave specific instruction. Then, He tried to instill that in his apostles, his followers, his disciples to pass along to others. One quick mention about disciple: the word’s root is in discipline. Very simply, practice makes perfect, which means taking the time to do the Work. There are no shortcuts. This is something God and my Guides have repeated ad-nauseum to me. Aside from remembering our sacred roots, we must do the work, which opposes this world seeking immediate satisfaction. Hold the lettuce. Don’t upset us. (Special note: Take extra special caution when you’re not preparing your own food.)

As for saving, and saviors, this is my take: When Jesus Christ arrived here on Planet Earth, He raised the vibration, which brought us up to a level in which we were to have left the dregs behind. We stepped into a higher version of ourselves, given part of the handbook for living which was picked apart, parsed, poorly interpreted by today’s religious organizations, in particular, the Catholic Church, which was more interested in becoming wealthy, and partaking in pedophilia (as I have mentioned before) among other things, preying upon others. There was also the seeking of the fountain of youth (adrenochrome) and exerting more influence on the masses over the long term. There were, of course, other motivations.

Don’t get me wrong. Not all religion is/was complicit. But if you have time, sit down with your pastor or reverend, and start to ask some of the serious questions about the spirit world, our world and galactic history, your soul in particular, and why the dark side wants it. For example, did you know the body is fully capable of going without consuming food, and that we can take in energy by other means? Yes, there are people who have literally fasted for years, and yet there are others who have lived well beyond the normal life span for a thousand years. The things we haven’t been told. The list goes on. What does it all mean?

Some religious leaders gave it their best effort. I still am not absolutely sure about “eat of my body and drink of my blood,” especially in ritual. Maybe it’s referring to the sharing of energy amongst each other, a unification process, which leads to telepathy and movements in mass consciousness, untold and unexplored gifts, and not cannibalism. These concepts are not references to communism, socialism, fascism, totalitarianism or any other ism you could possibly think of. So get that crap out of your head. It’s about a spiritual awakening, the shedding of old ways.

Learn these ways to effect your own ascension. If you are waiting for answers from a world leader or even a pastor, see it only as advice. There is no being below you nor above you. We are all equal in God’s eyes.

But some of the lambs have strayed. And I do mean strayed. Now, as before, we have the opportunity to up the ante, or in other words, raise the frequency to the point the darkness cannot survive. Right now, God is showering the world with His light. It’s a light so strong, no one can hide from it; we are sort of wrapped in a bind of truth; they (we) have no choice but to speak truth. No one does. If you haven’t noticed, there have been quite a few slips of the tongue among several people who have tried to place themselves above others.

Let’s put it this way: Throwing a 60-yard touchdown or dunking a basketball does not make you any better or worse than me. Nor does writing a top 50 Billboard song, or a top-selling novel. This was bread and circus or pure distraction. In essence idolatry. Interesting how NFL games landed on prime time for God, the Sabbath, the day of rest. Things that make you go hmmm. This goes back to service to self versus service to others. Where do you stand?

I know this may seem like I’m meandering. Call it stream of consciousness. Now, more than ever, we need to self-evaluate, as alcoholics say, take inventory.

Here’s fair warning, as the world awakens to truths which have been kept hidden for centuries, some of the messengers will die. Do not be surprised. Jesus Christ being the prime example, and I mean that in a number of ways. Plain and simple, He was murdered in broad daylight. There were other zealots moving around during His time trying to get the people out of their comfort zone. And since then, you can count the number of disappeared whistleblowers.

Here’s the mic drop and then I’ll shut up for this entry. This is about discernment. Repeatedly, in several verses, scripture tells us that we should wake up to see and hear what is in front of us. Jeremiah 5:21 says, “Hear this now, O foolish people, without understanding, Who have eyes and see not, And who have ears and hear not:…” Add Isaiah 6:10; Ezekial 12:2; Matthew 13:15; Acts 28:27; and Romans 11:8. These scriptures emphasize our innate ability. And if there are people who are offended by others telling them to wake up, then they should ask themselves why they are bothered by this. 1 Thessalonians 2:3 says, “Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,…” Think about what is being destroyed.

I advise and counsel the people of the world that during the tribulation when chaos reigns and we are told to close the doors and windows to the temple (our bodies), and to go inside, be patient. Find peace there until the storm has passed. There on the other side is something better for all of us. That means turn off the TV, limit your time on Social Media, tune out the noise, and spend quality time with family and friends. Time with them, as we have always been told by God, is precious.

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I'm a writer, and have been for most of my adult life. Without making this sound like a resume, I wrote creatively in college, dabbling in poetry, short stories and play writing. Later, I became a journalist, public affairs specialist, copy editor and eventually a guy who ran his own newspaper. Now, I'm back to letting my imagination run wild in some new creations including a science-fiction novel. Somehow, I also managed to teach English to high school kids, and roam the battlefields of Afghanistan as a field historian. Field historian may be a misnomer considering all I did was write abstracts summarizing military unit profiles and missions that included hundreds of interviews of troops and contractors in combat. I grew up in a small town called Gering, Nebraska, before escaping to Pomona, California, where I spent my last two years of high school, graduating from Ganesha High School in 1983. I have a Bachelors in English from the University of La Verne (1987), and a Masters in Education from UNLV (2007). In between, I worked for government - the Army and TSA. I served tours in Panama, D.C., and Tokyo, all thanks to a teacher who encouraged me to see the world before I settled down. As hobbies, I run, hike and bicycle long distances. I have also been known to surf and ski. I now live in my hometown after moving back in June 2015. I get to see family on a regular basis, breath fresh air, and not have to ride the D.C. metro or get stuck in traffic. In fact, I ride my bicycle whenever I can. I'm happily married to my wife Lisa, and we watch over a pack of fur babies, our dog Charley, and three cats Spike, Bootsy, and Franky (his shelter name). If you should ever visit me in west Nebraska, be prepared to feast your eyes on paradise.

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