Essay: Conspiracy Theory

Let’s expound. 


Because so many of the ‘sheeple,’ those mindless followers who do not allow themselves to think, or to be offered a second, third, or fourth opinion, instantly dismiss subject-matter which might otherwise serve them, and serve them well. Without knowing, it condemns them… to being ignorant; meanwhile they poke around in the dark, and at each other.

Disclaimer: I am not the end-all-be-all when it comes to knowing, or being anyone’s personal Yoda or (insert name of favorite wise man or guru here). From what I have gathered online, in books, documents, and other published material, whether it be your truth or an assertion of sorts, what I have found is that the Central Intelligence Agency, coined the phrase CONSPIRACY THEORY, which the agency says/asserts in general is something untrue/false, and even dangerous. 

Let’s whittle down the phrase to two parts. First, ‘con,’ which essentially means ‘with’ or ‘together.’ It is Latin, and carries the literal meaning in Spanish, as in tacos ‘con’ queso, which translates into a meat-treat wrapped in tortilla with cheese. The second part to this vital phrase is ‘spire’ which means breath. In essence, the phrase equates to “we breathe.” 

Now, overlayed with a spiritual filter, the phrase connotes an element of faith or belief. Remember, this is spell (gospel) language we’re dealing with. Think babble. Contained in scriptures, it says, and I’m paraphrasing here, that God is the Word, and the Word IS God, and what I like to believe is His breath. He breathed the world into existence. Note: Pronoun aside, God is neither male nor female, obviously, but for our comprehension, and for our puny minds to fathom, we had to personify God, who is now in modern times the personae, which has evolved, and also referred to as the Creator and/or Source. Note both the words creator and source (that means something central to our existence), and also that God created us (humans) in His own image. How we came into being may look much different than the mere molding of clay.

Back to the Word. Folks often refer to the Word as the (W)Holy Bible, too; they are one in the same. Yes, quite literally what God breathed into existence, this world, you, and the words which you breathe to form meaning, what you manifest birthed from a seed in your mind as an idea. We become a collective of architects given God’s specifications and instructions (DNA), of course. The Word derives from Logos. 

This is my simplistic take on the world. 

If you know anything about Logos, aside from its association with divinity, it is the language we speak. Words end up as building blocks, connections, out of which we make meaning from the ether. Yes, out of so-called thin air. I emphasize Building Blocks my friend, geometric shapes fitted together, the pyramids being an example of one of them. Ask, why pyramids were built and not something else? What makes them so intriguing, so wondrous? Other geometric shapes litter our history, such as seats of authority: The Pentagon. Point of interest: I worked in D.C. for a short while and wrote for an Army newspaper called the Pentagram. Isn’t that a hoot considering how a pentagram is used in magic?

Let’s speak more on the second word of the phrase, since we are speaking in such terms. Theory. Now what is the etymology of this word, which contains the word ‘theo’? In science, or anything, it is a way of seeing something, a view, purportedly. If you have studied linguistics and rhetoric, you know words can change meaning, or more specifically, evolve their meaning. The CIA, and our other believable alphabet agencies, put forward – in Operation Mockingbird, via media and Hollywood – a method of controlling messaging to the citizens of the United States of America for the express purposes of mind control through a process that ideas, or, views can be controlled, manipulated on TV, movies, and newspapers – something along those lines using sound (frequency) and images (symbolism). People begin to think ‘up’ is ‘down’ and vice versa. I think the saying goes: if you repeat a lie often enough, eventually it is accepted as truth. Then complete the ‘Psy Op’ by placing an old grandfather type on the TV screen, say around dinner time, as the universal mouth piece: Walter Cronkite, who even suggested you accept everything as truth because “that’s the way it is on Monday, January 6, blah, blah, blah.” Why would we consider anything coming from his mouth was truth, and nothing less?

And let me add, then you take away the means to check that truth, to verify it. One of those truths might be, you can trust your government, which of course would be false, because your government has lied to you in small and big ways. Just consider the number of lies you are told daily by friends and family, and of course, the number of lies you tell others, and yourself. Woe to us if we give up self-criticism. Your government is made up of the same kinds of human beings as yourself, pants put on the same way, one leg at a time. Like pro baseball and pro football, there is a place where pro-manipulators go? The bullshit enclaves of the world, none other than the Congress of the good ole U.S. of A. 

Access to certain records stays limited. I can personally speak to one of them: The U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. My opinion, of course, is that this war was unnecessary. I was a combat historian there in 2011 and began to apply simple operational terms such as terminal objective, as weighed against the evidence, and how our military presence there had little effect on a nation changing its ways enough to oust a terrorist government and accept democracy, if you could call it that, in the way the American citizens might perceive it. Again, the idea of something or THEORY appears. On the ground, the practice of war appeared much different, and its objectives obviously became skewed and destructive.

That’s why those in academe and think tanks know well the difference between practice and theory. What might be expressed in an operations order (paper) might take on several meanings given its participants – commanders and combatants, and then what plays out in the end, especially if there’s someone (the enemy) who doesn’t have a clue what you intend except by what he sees. You possess a loaded gun, and you are standing on his turf. The enemy doesn’t know you, much less what you think. Nor does he care. Get the picture? In his mind, you are a threat, and you, foreigner, must go one way or another.

Caveat: some of those lines in the operations order end up being on a need-to-know, compartmentalized, we say for operations security, even after the fact. They get crossed out, or blackened with a marker. Thus, Black Operations or, ‘off the books.’ For example, operations in the Vietnam conflict may remain classified at the secret and top-secret levels even to this day. We are long past those heady days, and certainly a lot of those guys are dead now or a non-factor. As for the records of some operations – now they are ashes. As the CIA is so fond of saying, “I was never here.” In a word, our government is opaque, even to each other in their respective components and cubicles. If they’re so busy chasing their tails, who is really in charge? Another way of putting that is we are not being truthful or transparent to one another by means of omission. These are old ways from an old paradigm and must end if we are to grow.

Let’s get into the weeds of this. The label, ‘conspiracy theory,’ literally means ‘we breathe an idea,’ collectively, establishing a consensus construct. Keep in mind what I said about words changing meaning, and how the author intends them. What the CIA has tried to imply, or our government in general has done with purposeful intent, or not, is to suggest that certain groups (maybe even ‘we the people’) made this shit up. (What would you have to say about medical journals? Certainly, they are not the end-all-be-all for discoveries and treatments.) Others? You name it: war; assassinations; UFOs; Area 51; climate change; food shortages; experiments on children; trafficking and killing children… Thus, the activity or product is stamped a conspiracy theory. 

This is called a successful psychological operation. Deception. For lack of information, and by injecting misinformation to muddy the waters. The result, eventually, you don’t know who to trust. More importantly, you don’t know what to do. Ultimately, I’d say the CIA successfully carried out a psychological ploy that continues to condition your way of thinking. Go along with the crowd. Don’t ruffle feathers. Eat shit and continue to eat more shit because you think its strawberries covered with whipped cream. The counter to this, of course, is stop complying.

Instead of examining the substance, you are deterred, even appalled or offended that someone(s) would try to lie to you. However, it is up to you, meaning, it’s your responsibility to question so-called authority. As I recall from my days in the military, that it was my right, nay my duty, to refuse to follow an unlawful order, and especially so, because I worked in public affairs. Well-trained in this thinking, why wouldn’t I question the whole modus operandi behind the widespread sickness and the associated inoculation? Why would anyone say it is against my right to question the narrative, one which might very well be sourced by the United States’ clandestine services or some secret shadow world government or a group of nefarious off-world entities. 

Now, connect two important dots. One is the CIA and ‘Operation Mockingbird,’ and the machine which purposely pounded it into peoples’ brains that a ‘conspiracy theory’ was bad and dangerous? The other, the second part, is the effect of that operation. 

Let’s check another phrase: “News you can trust.” If it is written, broadcasted, published, then truth is implied because you think of the news source as authority, maybe even expert. If I told you enough times that the war in Afghanistan was fought for freedom, but I concluded it was needless. You might buy that idea, hook, line and sinker, especially if a I get a famous performer, for example, to sing about it in Panama before thousands of troops just before the invasion to apprehend Manuel Noriega. At the moment, you might call me an asshole or unpatriotic. If you recall, a lot of cocaine went up the noses of American citizens, too, and a lot of them smoked pot. Where the heck did all those drugs come from? And did you know that Bush Sr. worked with Noriega at the CIA, and that Mr. Noriega was enrolled at a leadership residence course at Fort McNair’s School of the Americas for Latin American military officers. You expect me to believe Noriega went rogue and became a reckless drug peddler? I suggest he had a role to play. AS I was saying: then take Lee Greenwood’s song God Bless the USA which expresses a certain patriotic idealism, for anyone to believe, and outright says that our troops guarantee freedom by going and getting themselves killed. Who would believe that idea except a damn fool?

Let’s stop here, because this essay isn’t about my views. It’s about yours. If you haven’t taken the time to examine why some people have taken the jab while others haven’t, then I advise whole heartedly doing so. For starters, there’s plenty of evidence not on the lame stream.

Given the divides, the lines drawn in the sand, between blacks and whites; Jews and Palestinians; Yankees and Confederates; Catholics and Protestants; communists and capitalists. Then the stories told, the truths, and fictions, you must decide why such yarns are propagated and accepted as truth. 

Regard, that by uniting, by coming together, we garner and wield a greater power than any enemy humanity might face, even one that’s invisible. Kept six feet from each other, we fall. Commo. Supply lines. The whole nine yards. The troops have scattered, yet, what will you do? While a few in authority would have you own nothing and be happy, I’d like to be able to make that call on my own, thank you. Being a limp follower in my family in my younger days was enough. Ridiculed. Subjugated. Heck, it even served me to go along blindly, even with the hard lessons. With a lack of information, I floundered, most abundantly, through college and my early 20s. Yet, it did not have to be that way, at least most of the time. Where would I be without having been put through the grinder? Explains why God’s children suffer. Yes, there are not-nice people in the world, even some who are downright evil. But you probably know that already. Be wary, keep your head on a swivel, but do not be afraid. Be brave. Be courageous. You have every right to defend your own well-being.

Think of your government as the family unit. Take into account, there’s something (believed to be harmful, even dangerous) mom and dad (the nanny state) aren’t telling you. Who in this scenario would be pushing a CONSPIRACY THEORY? And, most importantly, why?

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I'm a writer, and have been for most of my adult life. Without making this sound like a resume, I wrote creatively in college, dabbling in poetry, short stories and play writing. Later, I became a journalist, public affairs specialist, copy editor and eventually a guy who ran his own newspaper. Now, I'm back to letting my imagination run wild in some new creations including a science-fiction novel. Somehow, I also managed to teach English to high school kids, and roam the battlefields of Afghanistan as a field historian. Field historian may be a misnomer considering all I did was write abstracts summarizing military unit profiles and missions that included hundreds of interviews of troops and contractors in combat. I grew up in a small town called Gering, Nebraska, before escaping to Pomona, California, where I spent my last two years of high school, graduating from Ganesha High School in 1983. I have a Bachelors in English from the University of La Verne (1987), and a Masters in Education from UNLV (2007). In between, I worked for government - the Army and TSA. I served tours in Panama, D.C., and Tokyo, all thanks to a teacher who encouraged me to see the world before I settled down. As hobbies, I run, hike and bicycle long distances. I have also been known to surf and ski. I now live in my hometown after moving back in June 2015. I get to see family on a regular basis, breath fresh air, and not have to ride the D.C. metro or get stuck in traffic. In fact, I ride my bicycle whenever I can. I'm happily married to my wife Lisa, and we watch over a pack of fur babies, our dog Charley, and three cats Spike, Bootsy, and Franky (his shelter name). If you should ever visit me in west Nebraska, be prepared to feast your eyes on paradise.

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